Sanctuary Farm Properties

Deeded Covenants

To assure that the Sanctuary Farm development retains its fundamental character as time passes, each deed includes certain covenants to protect the buyer's, seller's, and neighbors' rights. Those covenants are below.


SANCTUARY DEVELOPMENT LLC (hereinafter, the "Grantor"), the record owner of certain real property located in Rangeley, Maine, shown on a "Final Subdivision Plan of Sanctuary Farm, Mingo Loop Road, Rangeley, Franklin County, Maine" ("the Property"), with a final revision date of November 5, 2003, prepared by Rangeley Associates, and recorded herewith ("the Plan"), which was approved by the Town of Rangeley Planning Board on November 12, 2003, hereby submits the Property to the following covenants, conditions and restrictions which shall run with the land:
1. The owners of Lots 2 through 13 inclusive and Lot A as shown on the Plan and their heirs, successors, and assigns (hereinafter, "Grantees") are granted an easement to use in common with others all common areas shown on the Plan. The Sanctuary Farm Association shall be granted title to all common areas except the path to the waterfront and the waterfront property. These easements shall be for the benefit of Lots 2 through 13 inclusive and Lot A as shown on the Plan. No further easements on said common areas shall be granted.
2. Grantor, its agents and employees, reserves the right to use all common areas in conjunction with Grantees at no charge to Grantor.
3. Grantor and its assigns reserves the right to install power and other utilities throughout the Property where necessary.
4. All structures shall be covered externally in dark earth-tone hues to blend with the natural surroundings.
5. All buildings shall be located in such a manner as to maintain a view for the other landowners. All structures shall be located within the building envelopes (labeled "B.E.") as shown on the Plan with the exception of Lots 1, 2 and Parcel A. No structure shall exceed 2½ stories but at all times be within the limits set by the Town of Rangeley.
6. All dwellings shall have masonry or concrete foundations or slabs.
7. No temporary buildings or trailers may be maintained on the Property unless in conjunction with the legitimate construction of other permanent buildings. Construction must be completed within two (2) years.
8. The Property is for exclusive use as single-family residences. No commercial uses may be undertaken on the Property except home occupations subject to Rangeley Zoning Ordinances. Leasing units is permissible. Driveways shall run directly from roadway to building envelopes.
9. No signs shall be placed on the Property that exceed four (4) square feet and no more than one sign on each Lot so placed.
10. Each shorefront owner may place one dock on his Lot.
11. No livestock and other non-domestic animals shall be kept on the Property.
12. No nuisances, public or private, shall be permitted on the Property. No unregistered motor vehicles or other personal Property may be stored unless covered by outbuildings.
13. Utilities shall be placed underground. No more than one antenna or satellite dish not greater than 20 feet long may be installed on each Lot.
14. No fences of any kind erected outside the building envelopes.
15. To the extent a Lot contains acreage within a Deer Wintering Area, no trees or other vegetation may be removed from said areas without input from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. All recommendations of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife will be followed. This will not apply to areas within the building envelopes nor the removal of blowdowns or dead trees.
16. No lot owner may increase, decrease, or modify the natural flow of water of drainage swales, storm sewers, or storm drains.
17. No lot may be further subdivided. This restriction does not apply to Lot 1.
18. No snowmobiles, motorcycles, motorbikes, dirt bikes, nor All Terrain Vehicles, may be operated on the Property except to go directly to and from the access trails.
19. All activities on the Property shall comply with the conditions listed on the Plan.
20. The Property is hereby made subject to the Bylaws of the Sanctuary Farm Association, recorded herewith.